Just setting up the blog…

After a killer 4.30 bikram class and two weeks till Teacher Training commences, like most students who have attended before me or are my fellow Spring 2013 peers, I am excited! I started in November 2010… And after close to two and a half years of consistent practice the biggest change for me is losing over 18kgs! The results speak for themselves….

Why I want to be a teacher? I am still not sure. Throughout every tough class I think… Do I really want to be a teacher, do I? Then bow pose is over and I feel great. By the time I get home and sit on the couch, every time without fail I feel amazing. So I guess that’s why. I want to share my joy, my passion and my weight loss secret with my soon to be students. Sure, I could have sat at home for the past two years eating my beloved chocolate, but I got up off my arse and dragged myself to class. And that’s it! Some days were good. Some days were very bad, but all you have to do is go and you’ll feel the benefits of Bikram Yoga. Now I have my chocolate and eat it too!

Until my next post. Manda

Keep standing head to awkward!




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