It’s nearly take off!

Wow, I fly out tomorrow, then this time next Sunday I will be sitting in orientation for Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Spring 2013. What an adventure! It seemed like forever ago when I made the commitment to say, yes, I want to go to training. This was after Benn (one on my studio owners) dropped a few hints that I should consider going, and it seemed like a good idea to agree at the time! I figured since it was possible for me to do so, and I am seriously committed to the cause, if I didn’t go I would regret it later in life. The thought of teacher training had also crossed my own mind a few months earlier, the teachers just seem to have so much fun and i wanted to join in! So now it’s time to get this party started!

I completed my last class yesterday before TT and left on a high note, although in camel pose I did feel my Mexican dinner wanting to come up from the night before, so this may suggest I need to lay off the sour cream and corn chips in LA!

It’s now really starting to dawn on me just exactly what it’s going to be like teaching my first class. Will I remember the dialogue and hopefully not fall off the podium! I am sure the insane 9 week course will get me ready for everything! I just have to survive the 11 classes plus 10 sessions weekly of posture clinics and lectures plus functioning on little sleep. For those who know amanda this will be a struggle!! Hehe (clearly Jacqueline just has jacked my post, which you will see again later!)

I am not quite sure what to expect but I am positive when I reflect on this journey it will all be worth while. I am pretty sure my friends and family who don’t do Bikram think I am crazy for not only the amount of money I am spending but also wanting to endure this gruelling schedule.

My bags are packed which includes my food processor and I already know who my room mate will be. Her name is Melissa and she lives just outside Boston. We have been emailing for the past few weeks and have a lot in common! She eats meat and is looking forward to trying the Tim tams I am bringing over in my bag! She also bends like a stapler! She must be cool…

Even though the journey is officially starting on Sunday my preparations and planing for this trip started about 4 months ago. From booking my flights, paying my fees, stocking up on yoga wear and of course learning the dialogue. I have also been practising dialogue with two girls from my home studio’s sister studio, Cat and Sandy, and we have definitely bonded already. There is also the boys Adam and Cam, Brisbane is going to be well represented. I think the most memorable journey of this trip will be making friendships with people from around the world! I think learning the dialogue may drive me to insanity, but hoping my three months work of being ‘familiar’ with the dialogue up to fixed firm will help. I am also planning on spending a large majority of my 14 hour plane ride revising, from here on end, well after my four nights in Vegas it will be dialogue dialogue dialogue! I realise the importance of having strong dialogue and I want to ensure I get it as perfect as possible.

It’s also just starting to hit me how much I am going to miss my family, friends, partner Jon and dog Butzy while I am away for the next 10 weeks! And the awesome Jacqueline. (clearly Jacqueline has just hacked my post whilst in draft process, but yes your are awesome, a big shout out for lending my an iPhone for travel!) ahhhhhhhhhh this adventure is so close, I still can’t believe I am going!!

Until next time.
Keep standing head to awkward.
Manda xo



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