Just another teacher training blog…. But I will add some other details about my life. For example I hail from Brisbane,australia and I just wanted to make excuses so I can post pictures of my adorable dog Butzy. I felt he deserved a page. Other than downward dog (which we don’t do in Bikram Yoga) Butzy has no relevance to yoga but he is just a handsome little man and I want to share my love and dog obsession with the world. I also love photos of dogs in general doing yoga poses, how can they not make you smile?

I choose the name for my blog as standing head to knee is one of the hardest postures in the series, awkward is also probably one of my least favourites, however you just gotta’ do it! You also feel awkward in everything you try at life, at first! Beginners will start Bikram and think… WTF? But eventually it makes sense and soon enough you can pump out standing head to knee! Even when I first started the dialogue I thought I sounded odd but soon enough, ‘touch your stomach on your thighs, chest on the knees’ started rolling off the tongue.

If you are attending Bikram Yoga Spring 2013 Teacher Training, are going to a future session or are my family and friends back home following my journey, I hope you gain inspiration from my blog to do rule number 1 for all yogis…..

Don’t ever give up. Just go to class.


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