Bikram & Weight Loss

I know Bikram heels a lot of people from sore backs, depression and even just improving your self image, but Bikram changed my life with dramatic weight loss. Shedding 18kgs, and more importantly I keep it off! All I had to do was attend class.

It would have been a hell of a lot easier to sit at home eating chocolate on the couch, and sometimes I probably wanted too, I had good days and bad days, hell, I still do. But if Bikram wasn’t hard and you only did savasana on the floor then not much is going to change.


For those that are wanting to do the same here are my following weight loss tips for Bikram Yoga.

Go to class
It doesn’t matter how tried you feel, if you are wanting to lose weight reasonably fast you must find time in your week to attend 5 classes. When I still had more weight on me attending 5 classes would equal a1kg loss on the scale.

No drinking
This was easy for me but i quickly learned, if I went out to have a big night, it meant all my 5 classes would have been for nothing because alcohol is just evil. Ditch the drinking and go to early Sunday morning class and your Sunday will be bliss and wallet heavier.

I have the occasional wine now, and the odd big night out. But if you want to maintain good health drinking is just wasting your time.

Now this is we’re I struggle. But the true miracle of Bikram Yoga is that it lets me eat more! Mind you I still have a bit more to lose, but given what I eat, I look pretty good.

Bikram Yoga has taught me how to better listening to what my body needs. I believe this comes through class practice only taking three water breaks, it sounds crazy but I think it works. Sure, I would love water between every posture but that is just greedy, three water breaks is plenty to get you through and this is teaching you discipline.

I now have a diet that is filled with fruit and veggies, I eat less because I stop when my body is full, I simply can’t eat anymore. What is bad in my diet? I still eat too much sugar, this is something I am still working on. But I eat chocolate daily and my weekly dinners include steak and veg, chicken stirfry, pasta and tacos. I love food and never want to give anything up, but the key is moderation which I believe Bikram teaches you through consistent practice.

Ps. I also LOVE fried food. Nothing beats a good spring roll or hot chips! Just keep going back to Bikram Yoga.


2 thoughts on “Bikram & Weight Loss

  1. Exactly Amanda – I have lost about 25kg in the past three years with Bikram Yoga. It seems to happen slowly without thinking much about food, just going to class makes you decide not to eat much beforehand (it makes you feel nauseous!) and can’t face greasy afterwards – after class I crave fruit or crunchy salad. The best thing about Bikram has been that it seemed to shrink my skin on the way (loose skin is a problem with weight loss as we age). You’ll find at teacher training that you realise how little you need to eat, you don’t have time for more than a boiled egg and a banana! Protein powder smoothies are the way to go. All the best at tt Julie harradine

    • Haha and you are looking great Julie! Bikram def changes your eating patterns, and 4.30 class means you can’t have naughty afternoon snacks, and afternoons is one of my danger times!

      I plan on taking My food processor to tt, it also that has a smoothie attachment… I think a banana protein smoothly will hit the spot after class. Hopefully I will get off my last 5kgs at training!!!

      Manda xo

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